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Did you know that 76% of circumcised men are not happy with their circumcision ?  Viafin-Atlas survey 2019 - 2023

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Viafin-Atlas Ltd.

Established In 2004

(United Kingdom)

Company Reg. No. 0538007

SenSlip* Foreskin a   'Registered Trademark'

Business Account Holder Since 2005

Viafin-Atlas are the world leaders in the manufacture of artificial foreskin for circumcised men. Viafin-Atlas proudly offer the  SenSlip Foreskin  - The  world's first ever artificial retractable foreskin for men who have been circumcised.

The  SenSlip  is an innovative concept, designed to promote sexual health and well-being. when worn daily, It is practical, very comfortable to wear, and most importantly the SenSlip Foreskin   can rapidly increase your penis sensitivity.  Circumcision removes about 75% of sexually sensitive and erogenous tissue and it leaves the glans dry and de-sensitised. The SenSlip foreskin can help overcome the effects of circumcision.

When worn on a daily basis, The  SenSlip  helps restore sensitivity, lost by circumcision.  The SenSlip protects the exposed glans or head of the penis from chaffing and constant rubbing against clothing.  The  SenSlip Foreskin  looks, feels and works in a  similar way to a natural foreskin on the intact penis. If you are not circumcised, then this product is not for you.

Foreskin restoration is widely accepted as a method for restoring the foreskin to it's near natural state.  For many circumcised men this task is either impossible due to the amount of skin removed. Some men find that foreskin restoration can be a cumbersome task which takes too long.  Either way the  SenSlip Foreskin  could be the way to help you improve your sensitivity.  Since 2005 Viafin-Atlas have sold and distributed over 200,000 SenSlip Foreskin products around the world. 

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Viafin-Atlas are the inventors of the first artificial foreskin for the circumcised penis. 

We have been manufacturing and distributing the SenSlip Foreskin since 2005

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SenSlip Foreskin - Overcome Circumcision

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