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There are just EIGHT questions below:  Three questions  are for both men & women, three questions are solely for men, & two questions are solely for women,   You can see what everyone else has voted for, on each Poll.

Circumcision Survey

Circumcision Survey  2020 -2021

Thank you for visiting the infant circumcision page from Viafin-Atlas.   Over the last few years, we have been asked many difficult, upsetting and awkward questions, about the effects that male circumcision has had on individuals.  More and more people are asking questions, and we do not know the answers to most of them.  Hopefully, the display of results, on each of the 'Polls' below, will in time, provide some answers and comfort to some of those people who have been affected by circumcision.   YOUR TIME is valued.  Please answer the 'polls' with care, for those who may be interested in the results on this page.   If you feel that we should have more of our 'Blue Polls' and you have a good subject line relating to infant circumcision, please contact us.  Please see the 'Infant Botched Circumcisions Page' first.  The results of each poll can be seen by clicking on 'See Results' at the bottom of each blue box.

 March 2021  -  15000 respondents have completed the Survey.

At some stage in 2020, Viafin-Atlas will forward the survey results to The :  AAP, The Council of Europe and various European health ministers.

Thank you for your time and effort in taking part in this small circumcision survey.  If you have a sound subject line for another Blue Poll for the Viafin-Atlas circumcision survey page, please forward it to us:

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March 1st 2020 -  11000 participants have completed the survey !

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