85% of the world's male adult population have their foreskin intact.

Light Pink - For Very Light Skin

Dark Pink - Most Popular

Mid Brown

Near Black

The SenSlip* Foreskin is available in 10 different sizes, 4 pack quantities and 4 different colours.  The colours below are a rough guide only.  Colour presentations vary from one computer monitor to another.  By choosing the colour on the sales page, you agree to that colour as we are unable to change an order once it has been dispatched.  We always recommend to go darker if you are in doubt.

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SenSlip Foreskin

The SenSlip Artificial Foreskin is available in ten different sizes and four different skin colours: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Mid Brown & Near Black

All of our orders are dispatched in plain small plain brown 'Jiffy' style padded envelopes.

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Foreskin for the circumcised penis

SenSlip* ....is a 'Registered Trademark'

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Circumcision in it's variety and degree of severity, reduces the sensitivity and completely changes the natural function of the penis forever.

Some men are happy with their circumcision.  An increasing number of men, from all walks of life and different age groups are unhappy about their circumcision. 

The condition is worse for those who did not medically require it, and did not consent to it in any way.  There is now a wealth of information available from the many institutions that have confirmed the function of the foreskin and it's purpose.

When worn on a daily basis, the  SenSlip  can provide:

1)  A flexible and protective cover for the head of your penis.

2)  An affordable foreskin substitute.

3)  Protection of the penis head from the abrasive effects of clothing and underwear.

4)  The return of sensitivity to your glans (de-keratinisation)

5)  A more pronounced and more enjoyable orgasm.

6)  A softer and smoother glans which will become more sensitive to   touch and feel when it is exposed for sexual activity.

7)  A feeling of warmth and security.

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To achieve the maximum benefit from the  SenSlip Foreskin, we recommend that you put the  SenSlip  on in the morning and keep it on all day. Some of our customers wear them at night as well. 

The length of the SenSlip  is adjustable in length.  The TEN different sizes relate to the 'circumference' or 'girth' of the penis shaft.  The measuring technique is explained in detail on or 'Size Chart' page.

The SenSlip  should be a very comfortable garment to wear.  Each SenSlip  should last between five and ten days, or longer.  Hand washing theSenSlip  each night will keep them fresh. 

The 2023  SenSlip  range of Artificial Foreskin is available in ten different sizes, four different colors and four different pack sizes.

Foreskin Restoration   is an accepted method for expanding and stretching existing penile skin to cover the glans. For many circumcised men this method can work, but there are those who do not have enough skin on their penis to start a restoration program. 

Some circumcisions, which are still regarded as acceptable, remove up to 80% of the total penis skin structure.  Other men who have tried foreskin restoration have found the process too uncomfortable and too time consuming.

Many existing  SenSlip  customers around the world, have found that the when they wear the  SenSlip  on a regular daily basis, they have benefitted from increased glans sensitivity and texture within a few weeks. In some cases it has been days.  It is a natural process.

What is the SenSlip  Artificial Foreskin ?

The SenSlip Foreskin  has been designed to help reverse the effects that circumcision.  Each SenSlip  is a soft double layered cover manufactured from the finest Pre vulcanized latex polymer.  Like a natural foreskin, the SenSlip  is designed to look like and function like a natural foreskin. 

Within days of wearing the  SenSlip  the glans or head of the penis starts to de-keratinise and the glans skin starts to become thinner and more sensitive.  The glans of an un-circumcised penis is covered with a mucous membrane which thickens (callouses) up to fifteen times when the foreskin is removed.  This is just one of the reasons why a circumcised penis is around four times less sensitive than a normal or intact penis.  The foreskin itself, and the frenulum are rich with thousands of sexually stimulative nerve endings.  These are taken away forever with circumcision.

The latest version of the SenSlip artificial foreskin has been designed for men who suffer from a lack of penis sensitivity due to their circumcision.  The lack of natural foreskin and other tissue removed by circumcision can often lead to a penis which is not as sensitive as it should be. 

You can start today with the SenSlip 

'Trial Size Pack' 

Since 2005 Viafin-Atlas have provided over 260,000  SenSlip  products worldwide.

'circumcision' is an undefined word for the cutting genitalia, both male and female.  For the man, circumcision can involve cutting a part of the foreskin away to having all of the foreskin removed, the frenulum removed and penile shaft tissue removed. 

In some circumcisions the penis itself can be left embedded in the pubic area, with virtually no penile shaft tissue to allow for the penis to extend from the body. 

The  SenSlip  Video

Wearing the  SenSlip Artificial Foreskin each day can help increase penis sensitivity naturally.  The improved SenSlip  version is available now.

SenSlipArtificial Foreskin  - Viafin-Atlas Ltd.

SenSlip Foreskin.  This image shows the SenSlip 'Inside Out' before being placed in it's re-useable foil packet.

SenSlip Foreskin.  This image shows the SenSlip folded in on itself as it would appear on the penis..

​​​​​​​​​​​​Circumcision - SenSlip*  Foreskin  -  Enhance Penis Sensitivity

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