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"Some visitors here may be laughing ..... but there are many silent victims out there ....We Know"

There are many circumcision and circumcision related sites out there including foreskin restoration and MGM websites.  There are some websites which offer help and support for people who are having problems with their circumcision.  Although we are unable to give medical advice, we try and help when and where we can.

There seems to be an increasing number of news releases and new webpages discussing male and female circumcision issues.  The website links below are there to help you find the information that you are looking for.  If you think that we may have missed an important and relevant website  or news release, please let us know.


If you are mentally and physically affected by your circumcision or just plain sick of being cut.....You are NOT alone. Since 2005 we have received thousand of emails from men who have differing degrees of circumcision and it is about time more people spoke up abou genital mutilating surgery.  Don' be afraid, this website along with many more can offer some help and advice.  Here are some organisations which can help.......

If you are looking for information regarding restoring your foreskin  (foreskin restoration) then a separate search will be necessary, but meanwhile you can try these sites for information and devices:

The links below are of value to those who wish to learn more about the insanity of infant circumcision and the effect it has on peoples lives

Circumcision & Related Links

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