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Feedback & Testimonials

Viafin-Atlas welcome your feedback on the SenSlip Artificial Foreskin

SenSlip Foreskin - Feedback

This page is dedicated to those who have written back to us with their positive comments on the SenSlip Foreskin.  The users of the SenSlip come from all corners of the world, the USA being the largest customer to Viafin-Atlas.  Some of our customers have been using the SenSlip Artificial Foreskin for nearly eight years.  We also advertise our products on Ebay and have a feedback rating of 100%

From:  S.K. in Dublin...." I have been wearing the Senslip for about two weeks and I can feel and see the difference"

From:  R.R. in Washington ....."Your Company has changed my life and that of my wife..  I use the prosthetic foreskin slips every day.  After reading the good points and the bad points about the slips, I did perservere with them and I have gotten so use to them, I do not like to take them off.  Foreskin restoration did not work due to numerous minor corrective surgery operations.  I am very pleased with your products.

From:  T.W. in NYC....T.W. says " after the initial novelty of wearing a foreskin for the first time, I am pleased to say that after just eight days, I can feel the difference.  I know this because today is the first day out of nine when I did not have time to put the senslip on and I feel very exposed without it.  Overall, so far, so good."

From:  T.N. Kent, England ...." it works for me.  This is the first time in years that I can actually enjoy myself in the bedroom.  I am getting more of the sensitivity back that I used to have years ago.

From: J.R.D. in Denver USA .....2 Wow, thank you for the quick response, great product, great service.  The improved version is much easier to fit."

From:  J.M. in Capetown SA ...." I am on to my third pack of Senslips and I am truly impressed. So is the wife."

From:  M.W. in Texas USA .... " Thanks again for your wonderful product. I can tell a definite change in the texture and sensitivity of my glans."

From:  R.J. in Cambridge. England..." First of all I thank you for this great invention,  I am 70 years old, and have deeply regretted being circumcised all my life.  I have found the greatest benefit to be psychological, it makes me feel safe and more confident."