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Circumcision - SenSlip*  Foreskin  -  Enhanced Penis Sensitivity

.There have been numerous different reasons for circumcising infants.  Years ago, it was claimed that circumcision cured numerous ailments including, poor general health, laziness, blindness, masturbation and bad behaviour.  These days the 'experts' claim that by circumcising your baby boy, he can live longer and avoid catching HIV/AIDS .  These claims are dangerous and medically unfounded.  The infant circumcision industry is a big one.  Huge amounts of money is made from circumcising babies and infants.  An average infant circumcision costs around  $ 250 + , ( £ 200 or € 250)  Even a back street, home circumcision in the UK  is around  £100  ($ 160).  In Scandinavia ( Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland) about 99% of the male population have a foreskin.  In Europe about 97 % of the male population have a foreskin and they are all happy with being intact. The after market for freshly amputated foreskins is a big one too.  Infant foreskin is a valuable commodity (at the disadvantage of it's non consenting owner)  An increasing number of the cosmetics manufacturing companies are using infant foreskins to produce 'state of the art' anti-ageing treatments for customers who are able pay a lot of money for such treatments.

SenSlip Foreskin Helps Improve Penis Sensitivity

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