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Infant circumcision often goes catastrophically wrong, with terrible life changing injuries and death.

Many circumcisions are not performed by doctors, however some are.

Most doctors know as much as we do about the devastating effects that non medical  Infant circumcision  (MGM) can have on a life, especially when it is severe, or it goes completely wrong.  Now see part of the:  'Hippocratic Oath'  which all medical students have to accept, and swear in,  before they are honourably presented with the title: 'Doctor'

" I will not cause harm "


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This is what the Doctors, Medical Authorities and Circumcision Specialists have to say about non therapeutic circumcision: ......"The Good News is:  .... that if circumcisions are performed with clean, sharp instruments by trained professionals, the procedure itself is  'fairly  safe' and simple.  Most circumcisions are performed with no  'serious'  problems or complications  (obviously, at that point in time).    There is the chance, that the patient may experience slight pain, bleeding, infection or irritation, but the most likely scenario is discomfort, during the healing process."  ................No mention  whatsoever, is made to the detrimental long term, mental and physical effects,  of non-consented Infant circumcision .....

 In the USA alone  ....Thousands of baby boys are sexually mutilated and disabled, by circumcision every year.  Surprisingly, only around 200  babies die a year from  non-medical  'botched circumcisions'  in the USA.  ......The paediatrics and hospitals profit from infant circumcision, and the market for selling  'infant foreskin',  to the cosmetic companies,  is a very big one.  Our modern and sophisticated society, wholeheartedly acknowledges this, as  'acceptable'.    If the boys above, live to tell their tale, they will need to have this carefully explained to them.  The probability is, that some of the victims above, may dis-agree with the lack of any ethics regarding non-medical infant circumcision.

History tells us:   ..... that many victims of female and male circumcision, especially 'botched circumcisions', have experienced  misery throughout their lives. 

Depression,  anger,  hopelessness,   parental revenge,  anti social behaviour, violence and suicide, are all normal and common reactions to male and female infant genital mutilation. 


This boy has already had his 'glans' or head of his penis removed by circumcision.  What will happen to him when he grows up ?  Who can accept the responsibility for this senseless penile modification ?  What will his future partner think of his 'stump'.  How will he accept that 85% of the world's male population are very happy with their foreskin ?

This boy was fit and healthy and had a normal penis.  He had all of his penis shaft skin circumcised.  (Plastibell Circumcision Instrument)   Complete or partial de-nuding of the penile skin structure is a  'common'   botched circumcision side effect of infant circumcision. 

The normal remedy at this stage is to 'bury' the exposed penis inside the scrotal sac.


This type of damage is not rare.  Circumcision removes anything from 1% - 100% of the delicate and erogenous penis skin structure.  Many people agree and accept that circumcision is a potentially risky and dangerous procedure, even when it is performed by experts.  Will any of these young boys agree to that, when they grow up ?.

This little man has spent the first thirteen days of his life being tortured in the name of Infant Circumcision.   His entire penile skin structure has been circumcised.   The penis subsequently died. 

Botched Circumcisions of Infant Boys :   Acceptable or Not  ?

Infant Circumcision  &  When it Goes Completely Wrong 

Circumcision causes harm every time.  The photographs below show only the visual effects that botched circumcisions have had, on a handful of new born baby boys.  The baby boys  below are not just  'one off'  examples.  Botched circumcisions are seemingly commonplace.  The photographs below, show what man can do to man, and how society and the law, accepts this in the modern world.    The baby boys below, were all healthy, with normal bodies.  There lives have been destroyed, along with their genitalia, all in the name of fashion, body modification,  culture and religion.  What risk is  'acceptable'  for a baby boy who has no disease and is unable to consent ?  Many circumcised victims, grow up to become sexually crippled, either straight away, or later in life. 

"The United Kingdom, USA, Canada and other European Countries need to address the lack of ethics 

regarding Infant Genital Mutilation"

 In the United Kingdom, it is still legal for any member of the general  public,  to cut the genitals of a baby boy, providing that the parents have given consent.   In the United Kingdom,  Male Genital Cutting is the only operation that can be carried out by anyone.  Yes......You read that correctly:  Circumcisions are completely and totally unregulated in the United Kingdom.  You do not even have to be British.  You can be a tourist.  Although infant circumcision is not very popular in most European cultures, The United Kingdom Government has done very little to STOP the Genital Mutilation of baby boys  !

Anyone in the United Kingdom can set up a business cutting off baby boy's foreskins....and they do !   You don't have to register anywhere.  In the UK, There are no regulations to adhere to, and no qualifications required.  You do not have to have any experience.    Tattoo and ear piercing artists, do however, have to register, adhere to guidelines and prove their qualifications before a 'licence to practise' is granted by the British Government. 

The United Kingdom has a problem with  female circumcision.   (FGM  - Female Genital Mutilation ). FGM is illegal,  and was condemned by law in 1986.  It carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years.  About 66,000 women in the United Kingdom have been circumcised (FGM).  The British Government  estimate that a further 24,000 British girls under the age of 15 years are at risk.  Numerous  'self appointed' circumcisors or genital mutilators have been arrested for cutting young  girls genitalia. -      NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN PROSECUTED (2017)     

(Ref:  All the above information has been taken from documents provided by The British Government.  2018)

( The information above is as good as true as far as we are concerned and is written in good faith.)

Viafin-Atlas Opposes Infant Genital Mutilation - Circumcision

Like many babies,  David Reimer had his penis amputated during a routine Infant circumcision.  After gender re-assignment surgery, David became 'Brenda' and was brought up as a girl.  At the age of 14, he found out the truth and became 'David' again.  He committed suicide in 2004.  His twin brother died of a drugs overdose.  His Mother is still absolutely devastated.

Ref:  Wikepedia

David Reimer 1965 - 2004   R.I.P  David


DO NOT SCROLL DOWN    ...... if you are likely to be offended and upset.  This page shows graphic images of some of the initial effects that circumcision has had on a few individuals.  This page has been designed for  information & educational  purposes only.  The same images are also openly present on numerous other circumcision information & educational websites.  Viafin-Atlas relay information via their websites, openly,  with the belief, understanding and common sense, that the information is for the general good of the public.

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This website page is here for Information and Education.  It is NOT here to shock and upset anyone.  It is only in recent years that the facts surrounding Infant Circumcision are coming to light.  The information and images shown on this web page are available on numerous other Educational  Public Websites.

"God.....Created Man in His Own Image".....

This little boy was infected after a non-medical Infant circumcision.  Galloping gangrene set in and they took a lot more that his foreskin away.  What a terrible way to start life.

This baby has a 'necrosed' penis after a circumcision.  Eventually the dead penis will fall off.

Life Without A Penis !

All of these sacrifices have been made in the name of 'circumcision' .   In 2013/4  most 'institutional medical authorities'  in the USA, have stated that the  'so called'  benefits of circumcision,  outweigh the harm that is caused to the few.   There is no other institutional medical authority anywhere in the civilised world that condones these views.

Ref:  Wikepedia › Health‎ 12 Nov 2013 - A three-month-old infant has been left mutilated after doctors cut off his penis ... Taking Son To Get Circumcised After Doctors Botch Procedure.

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When circumcision goes wrong, there is no turning back, the consequences are often a disaster.  Genital reconstructive surgery can never replace the specialised nerves, mucosal tissue, ridged band and complex structure of the male sexual organs .  Gender re-assignment has been tried numerous times, and it does not work.

The baby in thisimage had not been in the world for very long, before someone came along and wrecked his life.  Who cares ?  This is a picture of him as his penis was dieing, and just before it dropped off -  due to a  'botched'  plastibell circumcision. 

And is all acceptable to many !  After all, they are only  ..... babies !

Situations like this cost a lot of money, and cause untold misery.   After a restrictive circumcision....The 'glans' has become detached from the gangrenous penis Stump.  How can this boy's life ever be fulfilled ?  What will they tell him ? 


It should be noted:    ..... that the Administrators, Advisors, Business Men & Doctors who represent the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control and UNAIDS, have all concluded, that circumcision, if practised correctly, does no harm whatsoever, and that there might even be some health benefits.  These completely unfounded statements are put forward by 'commitees'.  Would any individual care to stand up and say : " Infant non medical circumcision was a good thing for these babies in the images below ? " 

The highest quality studies referenced in the US National Library of Medicine, say there is no adverse effect on Sexual Function, Sensitivity, Sexual Sensation or Satisfaction.  Given that these are the most respected medical authorities in the World, do we think that we should trust their findings ?